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Growing up in a big body was hard. I endured a lot of teasing and shaming, and got a lot of messages that told me my body was wrong. 

By the time I was a teenager, I was fed up. I began actively trying to lose weight and became interested in nutrition as a way to do so. While I did start to make the connection that healthy food and exercise made me feel better, I was mostly motivated to use food and exercise as a way to change my body, and I started heading down the path of an eating disorder as I got more and more restrictive with food and obsessive about exercise.
In college, I began to formally study nutrition and I formed a much healthier attitude about how I fed myself. Thankfully my eating disorder tendencies resolved before getting serious — however my relationship with my body remained strained for years.
After college, I started having children and struggled to find the balance between caring for the needs of my family and taking care of my own health. Without realizing it, some of my healthy habits gradually got moved to the backburner, and my energy levels suffered as a result.
Finally, about a year after having my 5th child, I was at my heaviest weight and my body image took a nose dive.
One day as I was feeling particularly depressed about my body, I had a transformative experience where two powerful thoughts (which I believe were divinely sent) came clearly into my mind. The first was “You’re focused on the wrong thing,” and the second was “Your body is amazing.”


I realized that I needed to stop focusing on my weight and what I disliked about my body, and instead focus on what an amazing body I had.

I needed to remember how lucky I was to have my body and appreciate all the wonderful things it did for me. And I needed to develop respect for the amazing piece of machinery that it is.
I knew right then that it was time to stop the weight obsession — and that before I did anything else, I needed to make peace with my body and put all of my focus on my health.
So, I stopped weighing myself and basing my worth on my body size. Instead, I started to focus on my habits and mindset. 

While I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater, I realized there was definitely room for improvement. And it was obvious that my habit of repeating self-deprecating thoughts was not serving me either.

Determined to incorporate more healthy habits into my life, I spent a year learning everything I could about habit formation and how to implement habits into my daily life so they stuck. I also studied cognitive behavioral therapy and how to reframe my thinking so that I was choosing more useful thoughts.

All of my intensive research — as well as my experience as a dietitian and the trial and error I did on myself — resulted in a habits-driven framework that finally worked. 
I identified a list of habits that research shows are needed for a healthy lifestyle, and then I created tools to go along with each habit that made implementing them into my life easy and — most importantly — ENJOYABLE.
The results of this approach were significant, and I’ve experienced greater health and more energy than I’ve had in years.
I’m more present for my children and I’m more content with myself. I have more confidence, and I feel a deep peace knowing that I’m loving, respecting, and caring for my body in a healthy way.
My mission now is to help as many women as possible do the same — to give up dieting and focusing on their weight and to instead love, accept and deeply respect their bodies to new levels of health, energy, confidence, and peace.

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Here’s what others say about Health Through Habits:

Health Through Habits is just what I needed. I’ve found a treasure trove of ideas to improve my quality of life.

Jenna is the friend on the other end of the line telling you that you can do it and helping you find a way for you to accomplish whatever your goals may be.

Joanna St. Clair

Within the first module of Jenna’s course, I noticed I was more aware of my thoughts, habits, beliefs, and emotions and how they affected my life.

I’ve highly valued what I’ve learned during this course and I feel like I have progressed toward a mentally and physically healthier version of myself, and will continue to do so.

Alison Snyder

This program helps me figure out what areas of my life I would like to improve, helps me choose a goal, then walks me through how to implement that goal step by step.

Everything I need to make healthy habits is right in front of me. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their health and wellness!

Jen Foxley

I hope we can work together soon!