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Discover 3 common myths that are keeping you stuck in the struggle with food and your body.

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Find true health for yourself as we discuss habits, intuitive eating, body image, and more.

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No matter how long you’ve spent disliking your body…

 …you CAN shift your habits and your mind to develop a relationship with yourself that’s based on love and respect.

With the right guidance and an understanding of how simple habits can be implemented into your life right now, you’ll begin to experience so many amazing results.

 I’ve been a registered dietitian-nutritionist since 2007, and I’m a big fan of salads and chocolate chip cookies alike. I’m also a mother of 5 and a committed follower of Christ.
I love helping fellow moms create doable habits that give them tons of energy and help them feel amazing. And I’m equally as passionate about empowering women to make peace with their unique, amazing, beautiful body.

It wasn't that long ago that I struggled to make peace with my body and put all of my focus onto finding true health for myself.

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Meet Jenna!

This beautiful guide will take you step-by-step through using the “habit loop” to create new healthy behaviors in your life.

5 Steps to Creating Healthy Habits

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"I really feel like I’m learning facts and tools that help me think about food and my body in much more positive ways."

I find that I am more mindful of what I eat (and how, and why). I was skeptical about my ability to change some habits and incorporate better ones, but I’m amazed how many more healthy habits I’ve added into my life with the simple tools and steps given.

Anne C.

"Jenna is just what I needed. She's given me a treasure trove of ideas to improve my health and quality of life."

Jenna is the friend on the other end of the line saying you can do it, and helping you find the right way to improve your healthy habits.

Joanna S.

"I like how Jenna gathers evidence-based research...

...and breaks it down into practical, easy-to-use tips for creating healthy habits. Thanks to her program, I've progressed towards a much more mentally and physically healthier version of myself.

Alison S.

It's time to stop following "food rules" and basing your mood, your food choices, and your worth on the number on the scale! The key to greater health and a beautiful deep sense of peace is exchanging restricting and resisting for love, acceptance, and respect.

There is so much power in learning to work WITH your body instead of constantly fighting against it...I can show you how!

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to dieting once and for all

Lots of women put themselves and their health on the backburner as they take care of everyone around them. But trying to give from an empty cup leads to burnout, frustration, and overwhelm. 

If you’re ready to finally prioritize your health and develop a more loving relationship with your body than you’ve ever had before…I created a program that was designed just for you.

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Let me help you ditch diet culture and create sustainable habits instead - all while respecting your amazing body!

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There is so much ease in using small, sustainable habits to bring about lasting changes in your health. Use my FREE cheat sheet and workshop to learn how..

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