My mission is to help women stop turning to unsustainable diets that leave them with even worse health and lower self-esteem in the long run. That’s why I created this podcast. 

Making health a priority means we need to make decisions that are truly in our body's best interest, instead of withholding or restricting so we can see a certain number on the scale

What is this podcast really about?

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Healthy Habits

Stop wasting time, energy, and money yo-yo dieting and fighting against your body! Start working WITH your body to create a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle through the science of habit formation and behavior design.

Body Image

It breaks my heart to see so many women go through life hating their bodies and trying to “fix” themselves to meet unrealistic beauty standards. It can be hard to undo years of harmful messaging we get about our bodies, but I'm here to help!

Intuitive Eating

Learn how to ditch diet culture and listen to your body’s natural cues instead of following "food rules." I integrate the 10 principles of intuitive eating throughout the podcast to help you heal your relationship with food.

Here’s What You’ll Get on “Finding True Health”

Full of insightful, practical encouragement

"I have listened to my fair share of health podcasts and usually come away feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Listening to Jenna, I felt just the opposite. She values health and wants her listeners to make good habits that are practical! Her personal stories felt so familiar to me and she gave me hope in my own journey forward. I highly recommend!"

So motivating

Listening to Jenna’s podcast is helping me change my perspective on loving my body even if I’m not the size I used to be because I know all the amazing things I am capable of as I am. And she motivates me to keep making small changes in my food choices and healthy habits - it’s the motivation I needed to feel good and keep working to be my best healthy self.

Helping new habits stick!

I love this show. Jenna is so encouraging and her guidance is actually helping me implement and keep the healthy habits I’ve been trying to practice. Her episodes are like talking with a friend. I’m a fan!

Love the expertise that Jenna brings!

Jenna has so much wisdom to offer us. I really appreciate the topics she talks about. They are so real and needed for us women who have struggled with food fixation. This is a great place to be for me to tune in as I continue learning how to get unstuck when it comes to diet culture. Jenna also has so much knowledge when it comes to creating good habits and getting rid of the bad ones. Thanks so much for sharing all of this for FREE, Jenna.

Learned so much!!!

This is exactly what I needed. Jenna is so knowledgeable and well spoken, passionate and up-to-date. I was starting to go down the wrong path regarding my diet and health for the sake of losing weight, but this helped me see the error of my ways and the potential long-term pitfalls and consequences. I plan to listen to every episode again and take profuse notes. “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.” ❤️❤️❤️

So glad I found you!

Jenna, I knew you were an answer to prayer after listening to your trailer! I’m so ready to ditch the diet culture and focus on getting healthy.

Let me help you ditch diet culture and create sustainable habits instead - all while respecting your amazing body!

Find True Health for Yourself on my podcast!



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